The OGs of TeamATL

I would like to start this introductory blog post with a heartfelt thank you for your interest in our products and our company. If you are wondering what separates our company from the competition, I guess the best place to start would be with an introduction into the people behind the brand. Two best friends, with shared interests yet living their own respective lives, were presented with a similar problem. As they both got more entrenched in their recreational fitness worlds, and continued to learn and grow and challenge themselves, they realized they were both spending a LOT of money on nutritional supplements to help them achieve their unique fitness goals. Specifically, they were both buying multiple supplements to take prior to working out because they couldn’t find a “one stop shop” for their own unique needs. The man with the plan, Jae, reached out me and said “I think we have an incredible opportunity right now. What if we could create our own preworkout product, which contained all the ingredients we require for our workouts, all in one product? Then we wouldn’t have to buy multiple supplements each month. And what if we made it taste great, without that lingering aftertaste and without the crash?” By this time my mind was buzzing because I realized there was incredible potential just waiting to be tapped. Amid much enthusiasm and little fanfare (lol), our journey into our own business began and shortly thereafter, Prelentless™ was born.

Speaking about our first product and encouraging others to use it for themselves has been an easy transition for me for several reasons. First, I believe in Prelentless™ because I can vouch for the effectiveness of the ingredients. Jae and I both use this product and have been using variations of it for years.Additionally we have been judiciously testing out the product with friends and acquaintances at gyms and dojos all around New York City, and it has been getting rave reviews! Ourworkouts have been optimized with smooth, crash-free energy, and the results speak for themselves. We are both very happy where we are in our own unique fitness journeys. Secondly, our preworkout contains Creatinol-O-Phosphate, a relatively new compound whose tremendous benefits are becoming well known in fitness industries all over the world (and highlighted in this excellent article at Finally, our product contains BCAA’s that have been well documented to provide optimal hydration, as well as assist in muscle growth and recovery.

If you’ve read this far, I would encourage you to just go a little further and try our product. Whether you are a self-proclaimed gym rat, BJJ black belt, or someone brand new to fitness and looking to begin your own journey – Prelentless™ is for you! We believe in our product so much that every single bottle of Prelentless™ comes with a money back guarantee. Invest in yourself, and let Prelentless™ fuel your journey!